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Summer Retreat in Saugatuck (Woman's Day)

If you're longing for a relaxing getaway, Saugatuck, which has been dubbed the Art Coast of Michigan, is perfect. Situated on the east shore of Lake Michigan, amid rolling sand dunes and unspoiled beaches, the harbor village offers a delightful mix of vibrant arts and waterfront resort activities...Contact me for entire article

Into Africa (AAA World)
As we’re driving across the narrow dirt road that leads into the heart of Kenya’s Masai Mara, red clay flying in through the crack of the closed window, my driver, Daniel, turns to me. “You know, my grandfather told me that as a boy his family walked from the north of Kenya to the sea in search of fertile land.” They traveled mostly by night, to avoid the heat and some of the wild animals, and it took them nearly six months.
      Today, it takes as little as 45 minutes by plane or five hours by jeep to travel from the modern city of Nairobi back in time to a land where lions, hyenas and elephants roam free...Contact me for entire article

Walkin' in Memphis (Woman's Day) Put on your blue swayed shoes and go walkin’ in Memphis ¾ it’s easy to do. World-famous Bar-B-Q ribs, blues and so much more can be found just a few blocks from the major downtown hotels, the historic Peabody Memphis (www.peabodymemphis.com) and the more intimate and modern Madison Hotel (www.madisonhotelmemphis.com). Spend a weekend, or a week, “Blues City” will keep you on your feet—and, clapping your hands...Contact me for entire article

Adventure Safari in Rwanda (Hersport)

Safaris aren’t just for riding in a jeep and snapping photos anymore. I recently visited Northern Rwanda to track the infamous Lower Mountain gorillas. It was the experience of a lifetime, as my guide slashed his machete through thick bamboo to cut a path into the foothills of the Virunga Mountains. After several hours of sloshing through mud and battling brush, we came upon a family of nine gorillas.

     The mighty leader, a 400-pound silverback, traded grunts with our guide and kept an eye on our group of eight wide-eyed travelers as we watched his family. The young ones battled in the trees with bamboo swords, their mothers sitting close-by. One precocious teen came over to pull on my pants and see if I wanted to play...Contact me for entire article

Waiting for the Big One (Voyaging)

I never feel more content and contemplative than on the crystal-clear waters of Belize, which is why I keep going back to this unspoiled gem for milestones: most recently, my 45th birthday. I wanted to challenge myself by learning a new sport, and I’d heard a great deal about saltwater fly fishing in these waters...Contact me for entire article

Tour De Fun (Parents)
Forget Willy Wonka! You don't need a Golden Ticket to get a behind-the-scenes peek at these kid-friendly factories. And you can finally get the answer to "Mom, how's that made?"whether it's a chocolate bar or a fancy doll...Contact me for entire article

Seattle, A Sound Idea (Voyageur)
Seattle is a city like no other, nestled between Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains with Mount Rainier and the Space Needle presiding over the skyline. The city literally lights up July through September; the sun comes out and the colors of nature pop. It's the perfect time for a family getaway to this hub of the Pacific Northwest...Contact me for entire article

Best Places to Pig Out (For Me)
C’mon, everyone needs to put the scale in the closet, throw on a pair of elastic-waist jeans and live a little once in a while! Here are five weekend getaways that are worth the trip and the calories...Contact me for entire article

Shopper's Paradise (Family Circle)
Turn a family trip into a treasure hunt at these bargain hot spots, including the furniture capital of the world, the world's largest garage sale, the biggest indoor mall and more...Contact me for entire article

Volunteer Vacations with Heart (Parents)
Some families aren’t just getting away for vacations, they’re getting involved. While most volunteer travel programs are restricted to teens and adults, options are opening up for families with younger children. Costs for the following programs include lodging, meals, volunteer training and in-country transportation for international programs:...Contact me for entire article


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