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Love that Lasts (Spirituality & Health)

Couples who have celebrated their golden anniversary share tips for a marriage that goes the distance...Read entire article

The Car Accidents You Don't Think About (Parents)

Candace Adair lived through a nightmare: Her 22-month-old son, Shane, was accidentally backed over by a pickup truck in a neighbor's driveway. It happened in the time it took Adair to run inside the house and double-check that the stove was turned off...Read entire article

Retiring in Style (Horizon Air Magazine)

Bill and Mitzi Ohlstrom lived in their North Seattle home for 40 years, so the decision to move to a retirement community was a tough one. “That house held so many memories for us of raising four kids and all those holidays with our eleven grandchildren,” says Mitzi, 80, who has been caring for Bill, 90, through various health issues for years. “When I started having heart problems it was just too much to take care of a house and my husband’s daily needs by myself. I had to admit I needed help.”...Contact me for entire article

Ten Little Ways to Say “I Love You” (Woman’s Day)

Food has always been at the core of my connection with my husband, Eric. When we were dating—20 years and two teenage sons ago—we'd spend hours lingering over a bottle of Chianti as candlelight threw shadows on the cavernous walls of our favorite Italian bistro. As our relationship evolved, so did our bond with food...Contact me for entire article

Ten Things to Leave Behind in the New Year (Woman’s Day)

Every year I make a New Year’s resolution that involves starting somethinga diet, a hobby, an exercise regime. Usually, by February I’ve either completely forgotten my pledge of self-improvement or I’m kicking myself for giving up. This year I decided to focus on leaving behind the old patterns and relationships that aren’t working, so that I can clear the way for healthy new habits. Here are examples of what you can leave behind in 2007...Contact me for entire article  


A New Survivors' Club (CURE)
At first glance, Patricia Newton, 71, and Kim White, 45, don’t appear to have much in common. But during the past four years, the two women from Warren, Arkansas, have become as close as mother and daughter. “Kim was just a casual acquaintance, but when she heard I was diagnosed with breast cancer she called me right away, and she’s been there for me every day since,” says Newton...Contact me for entire article

Kiss and Tell (Woman’s Day)

My husband of 18 years and I recently learned that you really can teach an old dog some new tricks! We attended Kissing School, the brainchild of Seattle psychotherapist Cherie Byrd, an all-day smooching seminar attended by couples from as far away as London and South Africa. So, what did we learn after seven hours of locking lips? A kiss can be so much more than just a kiss. Here’s how to make the most of making out...Contact me for entire article

Do-overs in Discipline (Parenting)

Go to any playground and you'll hear kids clamoring for "do-overs" when they goof up or forget a rule in a game. Why not use that concept to get them to redo bad behavior at home?...Read entire article

The Santa Myth: How Long Should it Last? (CNN.com)
Every holiday season for the last three years, my son Justin, age nine, has asked me straight out if there's a Santa Claus. Every time I say no. But each year he still wants to sit on Santa's lap. The "real" Santa, that is—the one at the mall with the best decorations, not those impostors at the other malls. And he delights at finding a few of Rudolph's stray sleigh bells in the fireplace on Christmas morning...Read entire article

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